Communication and consultancy

Open Media has consulted for some of Britain's most significant businesses, such as Universal Music, the largest music company in the world, who awarded Sebastian Cody a Gold Disc in 2008.

Another major corporate client for non-broadcast work has been advertising agency M&C Saatchi:

"When M&C Saatchi says fly-on-the-wall, it doesn't mean one man and a DV camera. Inviting Open Media, best known for its show After Dark, in-house to make a corporate documentary this summer, it made sure it brought in DOP David Odd (Our Mutual Friend) and director Graham Moore (Soldier, Soldier), who shot talking heads at the agency for two months under the eye of M&C MD Tim Duffy.

The brief was to expand on ideas from the company's manifesto, with some of the industry's finest telling what drives good advertising. The result may be high gloss, says executive producer Sebastian Cody, but it also records 'a level of honesty' that surprised him, given it's the first time the Saatchi breakaway has allowed unrestricted access behind scenes. The finished film will be used by M&C Saatchi both internally and externally."

- Televisual Magazine

And for an example of our award-winning work in the NGO, charity and non-profit sectors, take a look at GM Foods - Safe?, commissioned by the Vega Trust:

"by far the best discussion of the issue that I have ever seen or heard"

- Chairman of the House of Lords Select Committee on Public Understanding of Science

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