A selection of press comments on Open Media's programmes:

After Dark

One of the most inspired and effective uses of airtime yet devised.
- The Guardian
At a time when even serious talk shows seem to have exhausted every possibility, After Dark has managed a genuinely fresh approach.
- The Times
The best talk, entertainment and drama of the weekend.
- The Evening Standard
After Dark has proved the only way of doing serious subjects justice on television.
- The Independent
After Dark: the most intelligent, thought-provoking and interesting programme ever to have been on television.
- The Daily Mail
You can be sure that whatever the outcome it will be worth watching.
- Time Out
Compulsive for late-night viewers. No books are plugged and one can lie in bed and just listen.
- Variety
After Dark triumphantly broke all the rule from the beginning. The formula is still working extremely well.
- Financial Times

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Equinox: Secrets Of The Psychics

This is the FIRST show anybody should see on the supernatural. It's so cool, calm, and clear. You deal with believers with sympathy, but gradually lead us to understand and despise charlatans. I think this is the most damaging program ever inflicted on superstition.
- Teller (of Penn & Teller)
Secrets of the Psychics was an Equinox programme for Channel Four and was, I think, the first show ever to take on the notoriously litigious Uri Geller. They showed how all his parlour tricks could be easily duplicated by jobbing magicians without any help from paranormal powers.
- Simon Hoggart in The Spectator
An exemplary history of paranormal subterfuge which should immediately be made part of the National Curriculum.
- Thomas Sutcliffe in The Independent
A comprehensive and compelling hatchet job on paranormal phenomena past and present.
- Daily Telegraph
Expansive and exhaustively researched.
- Sunday Times
The wonderful Equinox: The Secrets of the Psychics. I simply commend a programme which showed two things very clearly. Fist that there are - and have always been - some extremely clever and ruthless illusionists out there. And - second - that there is an exceptional desire to believe that what these hoaxers tell us is actually true.
- David Aaronovitch in the Independent on Sunday

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Israel 50: The Spy Machine

Channel Four's Israel 50 strand has covered an impressive range of aspects of that nation's life and history, but this must have been the most chilling... a string of former supreme heads of Israeli Intelligence, heads and deputy heads of Mossad and former agents talked with disconcerting frankness about their operations... This was a sympathetic film which began with a haunting visit to a secret Mossad memorial in the form of an elaborate maze. Here the names of agents tortured, killed or simply disappeared are carved in shaded stone walls. Their daring, efficiency and inventiveness were celebrated.
- Paul Hoggart in The Times
If you had thought Mossad is to spying what Ray-Ban is to sunglasses, this dour documentary painted an altogether different picture. It highlighted pointless assassinations, botched operations and poor morale among the agents... the whole spy industry was put neatly in perspective.
- Jennifer Selway in the Express

The Secret Cabaret

Intriguing mix of breath-taking illusion and ruthless exposure... a sophisticated entertainment cum magazine programme, pulling together seemingly boundless permutations of illusion, trickery and the occult.
- City Limits
Strange, different and daring
- Daily Telegraph
What makes it all work so well is that the lighting and sound are brilliantly done, and the camera work is almost revolutionary... If you've never seen it, make a point of watching The Secret Cabaret. It's sheer magic.
- The Daily Mail
Trendy, enjoyable magic and illusion series.
- The Independent
Bizarre and macabre.
- The Guardian
Light entertainment with a snarl on its face.
- Time Out
Consistent, intelligent, adult content... quirky and imaginative.
- City Limits
This programme is excellent. It is fast-moving, slick and breathtaking.
- The Sun
Camp and kinkily futuristic.
- The Independent

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