The Secret Cabaret

With Simon Drake

Starring Ricky Jay

With regular guests: James Randi, Geno Munari, Max Maven, Frank Abagnale and David Berglas

The Secret Cabaret

Series 1

Show 1 also featured: Rocky Rendall, Tony Ehlert, Carletti and Belle

Show 2 also featured: Mike Comerford, Mark Raffles, Fluke

Show 3 also featured: Les Hilton, Jeanin Lionet, Tony Andruzzi, Stromboli, John Gaughan

Show 4 also featured: Bartschelly, Jenny Randles, John Gaughan

Show 5 also featured: Sue Brent, Charlie Marsden and Lloyd Williams, Jay Marshall, Alan Alan, Sean Manchester

Show 6 also featured: Watt the Man, Normando Rojas, Tony Andruzzi, Rocky Rendall


Series 2

Show 1 also featured: Matthew Gryczan, Jeanie, Named Seuqcaj, Enrica

Show 2 also featured: Tkach, Charles Black, Snake Lady, La Dorina

Show 3 also featured: Stevie Starr, Len Di Maggio, Staubertis

Show 4 also featured: Max Oscar, Bessie Standing, Matthew Gryczan, Named Seuqcaj

Show 5 also featured: Elvis Mokko, Tony Zavosky, Anne Marie Bates, David Benn

Show 6 also featured: Mandragores, Percilla and Emmitt, Jonny King, Dorian Grey